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SEPTIFIX FIXES All Your Septic Tank Issues

Saving You A Small Fortune Every Year…

100% 60 Days MoneyBack Guarantee With No Question

SEPTIFIX tabs are septic tank treatment tablets that are solid, environmentally safe that contain LIVE aerobic bacteria and release OXYGEN – up to 10 liters per tablet.

After you flush them down your toilet, and our tablets reach your septic tank, they:

  • reduce, then eliminate noxious odors (the smell) extremely fast – in just three to five days!
  • break down and eliminate all organic sludge from septic tanks, including natural oils, grease and organic hydrocarbons.
  • destroy all the bad anaerobic bacteria like e-coli or salmonella and other harmful pathogens which are usually found in septic tanks and can cause many health problems to your family.
  • dissolve clogs, and prevent back-ups plus all other associated problems in septic tank systems, including corrosion.
  • reduce, and in many cases, eliminate the need to have your septic tank pumped!

By using SEPTIFIX you will save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each year, because your plumbing will run smoothly and you won’t have to worry about calling the pumpers or a plumber for a fix!

Plus, you’ll PROTECT your family and the environment, because ALL the water inside your tank and the water that goes out from your septic system into the environment will be 100% clean and free of chemicals, disease causing pathogens and pollutants.